Now hear, 2006 Coast Guard Tug Association Reunion
A fantastic event

Eagle Tour  -  Greenland Memorial  -  Cadet Review  -  Lee Rail  Colors  -  OClub  -  Submitted

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Attendees - Left to right, top row
Tom Cicala, Mike Del Monte, Skip Elder, Dave Mathieson, Joe Breneman, Skip Tyler, Bob Desh, Dave Vaughn,
Sandy Schwaab, John Copland, Ed Anderson, Doug O'Dell, Scott Schultz.

Left to right Bottom row
Dave French & Daughter, Sandy Del Monte, Peggy Elder, Linda Staples, Dot Black, Ken Black, Roger Jones,
Sandie Anderson, Shirley Schwaab, George Staples.

Not pictured attendees - Tim O'Dell & Jim Flynn

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Filmed by - Dave French, CGA Public Affairs Office, Film adopted and formatted for web presentation by CGTF Member Tim O'Dell

Reunion 2006 was a memorable event held at the CG Academy/Hilton Mystic CT. and enjoyed by all in attendance. Thursday was spent at the Meeting room at Hilton Mystic with many personal collections of member's photos and newspaper articles collected while serving in the CG. Videos were played of the CGC Raritan's last ice breaking mission on the Hudson River and the first ice breaking mission of the CGC Sturgeon Bay. The CGTA website was also being displayed on a laptop computer along with photo slide shows of CG Tugs provided by member Jim Flynn. Two attendees not pictured above are Tim O'Dell who was called home due to a family emergency and member Jim Flynn.

The meeting room was filled with items that would be auctioned on Saturday along with raffle items. Along with the displays which were of interest to all, we had a great time just sitting around telling stories of our lives aboard Coast Guard Tugs and sharing the great memories we all have.

The CGTA owes a debt of gratitude to CWO2 David French, USCGA Public Affairs Officer, for his help in arranging the Greenland Patrol Memorial Ceremony, for our recognition at the Cadet review and Recognition of the CGTA at evening colors and the dedication and presentation of the U.S. Flag to CGTA Member, Ken Black. And again our hearty thanks to Scott Schultz and Marilyn Cicord for the wonderful accommodations and buffet dinner at the USCGA Officer's Club. Thank you and BZ!


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Some CG Flags
IMG_2536.jpg (446858 bytes)
Skip & Peggy Elder
IMG_2540.jpg (288970 bytes)
George & Linda Staples
IMG_2543.jpg (308733 bytes)
Dave Vaughn, Dot Black Sandy Schwaab & Roger Jones
IMG_2538.jpg (430992 bytes)
Tom Cicala
IMG_2539.jpg (409702 bytes)
Skip Elder, Sandy Schwaab,
 Skip Tyler & Tim O'Dell
IMG_2542.jpg (480324 bytes)
Skip Tyler, Ken Black, Dot
 Black & Dave Vaughn
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Bull session in the hospitality room
IMG_2548.jpg (266665 bytes)
Framed print, Snohomish at 
Rockland Lighthouse
Donated by Doug O'Dell
IMG_2545.jpg (254480 bytes)
Framed print, Erika Kobasic
(Arundel) in ice.
Donated by Mary Dombrosky
IMG_2547.jpg (266914 bytes)
Cherokee Print
Donated by CAPT Tom Rodino (Ret)


IMG_2546.jpg (280298 bytes)
Mohican Oil Painting
Donated by MCPO Tom Eser (Ret)