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Dinner at O-Club

A Buffet dinner was served up at the Officer's Club Banquet room. What a fantastic feast we had.
The CGTA annual meeting was held, officers elected, old & new business discussed, minutes of meeting to follow from Secy. Ed Anderson.

Again we offer our sincerest thank you to Marilyn Sicord & Scott Schultz for the fantastic buffet dinner.


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Saturday's Auction and Raffle at Hilton Mystic - Lot's of fun and some really nice "Stuff" was presented 
for both the auction and the raffle. A bonus to all this fun, it helped pump up the CGTA treasury.

IMG_2683.jpg (269189 bytes)
Reunion 06 banner - Donated by Tim O'Dell. All hands signed banner which was auctioned off
IMG_2686.jpg (236418 bytes)
Skip Elder, Mike Del Monte, Barbara Del Monte, Peggy Elder and Skip Tyler
IMG_2687.jpg (257539 bytes)
Shirley Schwaab, George Staples, Roger Jones, Ken Black and Linda Staples
IMG_2688.jpg (318348 bytes)
George & Linda Staples, Dave Vaughn, Ed & Sandie Anderson and Dot & Ken Black
IMG_2689.jpg (315113 bytes)
Ed & Sandie Anderson, Dave Vaughn, Dot & Ken Black and Linda and George Staples
IMG_2692.jpg (263391 bytes)
Sandie Anderson, Sandy Schwaab, Dot Black and Dave Vaughn
IMG_2693.jpg (275131 bytes)
Sandie Anderson, Sandy Schwaab, Dot Black and Dave Vaughn
IMG_2694.jpg (266101 bytes)
Sandie Anderson, Sandy Schwaab, Dot Black and Dave Vaughn
IMG_2697.jpg (245508 bytes)
Auctioneer Sandy Schwaab calling Mohican painting
IMG_2698.jpg (243023 bytes)
Calling autographed copy of "Life and Death in the Greenland Patrol" donated by author Pete Capelotti
IMG_2699.jpg (260169 bytes)
Calling Signed limited addition print by Mary Dombrosky
IMG_2701.jpg (246603 bytes)
Calling framed photo of Manitou from Greenland Patrol ceremony
IMG_2703.jpg (228031 bytes)
Calling "Snohomish at Rockland Light" donated by Doug O'Dell
IMG_2704.jpg (217313 bytes)
"Snohomish at Rockland Light"
IMG_2705.jpg (254211 bytes)
Dot Black with prize, "Snohomish at Rockland Light"

Now Hear, A very special reunion, enjoyed by all. Many Many thanks to our reunion organizer Sandy Schwaab 
and his team for yet another great reunion. We now look to the future, on with our mission and we'll see you 
all again at our next appointed rendezvous.