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Eagle Tour

The CGTA had three major events lined up at the CG Academy. First was a guided tour of the USCG
Bark Eagle with two Academy Cadets conducting the tour. We thank out tour guides for a very informative tour of the Eagle.


IMG_2551.jpg (320837 bytes)
Bow shot of CGC Eagle
IMG_2556.jpg (283065 bytes)
Two Academy Cadets boarding Eagle followed by Sandy Schwaab, Joe Breneman and Dave French
IMG_2558.jpg (282296 bytes)
Eagle's Foremast
IMG_2560.jpg (364987 bytes)
Anchor Windless and Forecastle gear
IMG_2561.jpg (344416 bytes)
Jim Flynn talking with young Cadet tour guide
IMG_2562.jpg (440126 bytes)
"What a mess!"
IMG_2563.jpg (343273 bytes)
Tour guide with George Staples Sandy Schwaab, Tom Cicala and Joe Breneman
IMG_2564.jpg (369101 bytes)
Skip & Peggy Elder, Roger Jones, Cadet tour guide and Dave French
IMG_2565.jpg (245201 bytes)
Wonder if they offer oxygen up there
IMG_2567.jpg (355760 bytes)
Notice the manufacturer's plaque at bottom
IMG_2568.jpg (229894 bytes)
Eagle's furnishings are very lavish with elegant 70 year old woodwork
IMG_2569.jpg (268873 bytes)
Joe Breneman, Tom Cicala, Ed Anderson, Skip Tyler Skip Elder & Cadet guide
IMG_2570.jpg (295595 bytes)
Wardroom - Roger Jones, Peggy Elder and two Cadets
IMG_2571.jpg (331805 bytes)
"If All Else Fails . . ."
IMG_2572.jpg (422575 bytes)
George Staples, Tom Cicala, Skip & Peggy Elser, Dave Vaughn, John Copland and Jim Flynn
IMG_2574.jpg (344474 bytes)
Peggy Elder left, Ed Anderson and Tom Cicala behind Binnacle
IMG_2576.jpg (329344 bytes)
Eagle's Emergency Steering
IMG_2578.jpg (327895 bytes)
"Eagle would make a Bos'n out of anyone"
IMG_2579.jpg (323700 bytes)
Tom Cicala, Sandy Schwaab, Skip Tyler, Joe Breneman and Roger Jones
IMG_2581.jpg (300278 bytes)
Crew's Mess

Greenland Patrol Memorial