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The Eagle

Tied up at the pier at Fort Trumbull, we were able to get a few shots of America's Tall Ship CGC Eagle and took a drive through the old Groton Training Center for some photos as well.

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The former CG Training center at Groton CT - Now University Of Connecticut

Mystic Seaport Museum Storage and conservation facility

Our reunion crew was treated to a great behind the scenes tour of the storage and conservation area of the Mystic Seaport museum. Dave Mathieson who has worked for the Sea Port for many years was our tour guide and we want to thank him for his absolutely fantastic and informative tour. Amazingly 90 percent of the museum's collection is not on display. This was what we were privileged to be able to see on this tour. Thank you so much Dave. 
(No Photos of this event)

Mystic Seaport

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And now the sun slowly sets on a wonderful reunion. We will be back in 2006.

Thank you to all hands

It Was A Great Time

The CGTA presents a framed print of CGC Snohomish to the CGA Officer’s Club for their support 
in our 2nd Annual Reunion. L-R: Scott Schultz, Business Manager (CWO4, Ret., Snohomish); Marilyn Sicord, 
Catering Manager; Sandy Schwaab, (CWO3, Ret., Ojibwa) CGTA Historian

Marilyn & Scott display the location of the CGTA print in the CGA O’Club “Lee Rail.”

The CGTA Plaque of Appreciation is presented to the CGA SCANTS staff. L-R: Kelly Raffield, LT Rich Gunagan, Sandy Schwaab, Eric Conley.

Our plaque and Letter of Appreciation appropriately displayed in the SCANTS award cabinet


Photos Submitted By Reunion Attendees