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The 2005 Reunion of the CG Tug Association was a great success
October 14th & 15th

A great Reunion was held at the Coast Guard Academy in New London Connecticut this year. Many thanks to Super Honcho Sandy Schwaab who master minded all the arrangements and events and with the help of the officer's club staff, Scott Schultz (CGC Snohomish) and Marilyn Sicord, a great banquet was enjoyed by all. What a fine job they did!

CGTA Members group photograph

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"Old Guard"
The Gathering

Seated L - R:  Tom Cicala (Mahoning), Joe Breneman (Mahoning), Mike 
Del Monte (Mahoning), Ken Black (Ojibwa), George Staples (Snohomish), 
Dave Vaughn (Snohomish), Roger Jones (Snohomish), 

Standing L-R:  John Copland (Eastwind), Clyde Norstrand (Chinook), Dave 
Mathieson (Ojibwa), Sandy Schwaab (Ojibwa), Ken Frische (Arundel), 
Ed Anderson (Apalachee), Bob Thibault (Tuckahoe), Doug O'Dell (Kaw)

Our reunion attendees with guests, friends and spouses are pictures below

Front row seated (L-R): Tim O’Dell, Sandy Del Monte, Shirley Schwaab, Ken Black, Sandie Anderson, Dot Black, Barbara Thibault.

Second Row (L-R): Joe Breneman, Tom Cicala, Dave Vaughn, Clyde Norstrand, Mike Del Monte, Dave Mathieson, John Copland, Sandy Schwaab, George Staples, Ken Frische, Roger Jones, Ed Anderson, Bob Thibault, Doug O’Dell.

Overview of the reunion 

Registration was manned in the lobby of the Officer's Club by various members at 1400. 

Members arrived wearing much pride with hats and various shirts and proceeded to the hospitality room which was set up with several displays and memorabilia tables. A slide show was running of the latest news of the CGC Snohomish which at the time of our reunion had traversed the Erie Canal and was docked in Oswego NY being readied for the trip through Lake Ontario and the Welland Canal then across Lake Erie. Members enjoyed getting to know each other and talking over old times with old friends, and making new ones.

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From left to right:   Ed Anderson manning the registration table - John Copeland and Roger Jones - Ken Black discussing sea story accuracy with Sandy Schwaab - Bob Thibault and wife Barbara looking over the program.

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1530 - Academy SCANTS (Shipboard Command And Navigation Training Simulator) Demonstration

Definitely a highlight of the day, SCANTS was a fascinating demonstration. So realistic many had to close their eyes or look to the back of the room to see if the ship was really rolling in a number nine sea. The real time visual display outside the pilot house ports was wrapped around the room covering all views you would see from a real bridge. The movement depicted in the display was so realistic combined with the sounds as to trick the mind into believing you were actually at sea. Many of our group were swaying to compensate for the perceived movement of the ship. (Where's my Dramamine?)

Our thanks to the staff, and technicians who stayed late on a Friday to provide this wonderful demonstration.

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1600 - Free time to walk campus and mingle with Cadets and enjoy happy hour

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1900 - Buffet Dinner

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Business Meeting

At 2000 hours the annual business meeting of the CG Tug Association was convened.

The business meeting was called to order @ 2030 hrs.  

The By-Laws as written were approved by the membership present.  

A motion was made to hold the annual meetings & reunions in the Fall of the year as opposed to Spring.  It was decided at this time to hold an annual meeting as opposed to every other year.  Motion was seconded & approved.  

A motion was made to have next year’s Annual Reunion at the Coast Guard Academy again.  Motion was seconded & approved.  
      Time and date to be announced

A motion was made to form a local committee to assist Sandy Schwaab in making the next reunion happen.  This decision was made in order to take some of the load off Sandy . Dave Mathieson  and Joe Breneman agreed to assist.  Motion was seconded & approved.  

Dave Vaughn was nominated & elected as Treasurer of the CGTA.  

At 2055 hrs a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.

Roll out the Rum Boys . . .


Existing CGTA Officer were retained with the addition of a new treasurer. Welcome aboard Dave Vaughn.

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Awards - An unexpected and very pleasant surprise

Honored for amazing achievements during his Coast Guard Career and his contribution to preserving the heritage of Coast Guard Light houses, Ken Black (aka Mr. Lighthouse) was awarded our "Ancient Tugger's Award". Presenting the award and an art print of Ken's WYTM is Chief George Staples 

Ken we salute you!

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Day Two - Coast Guard Museum