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The CGTA Website covers all CG Tugs from the turn of the century until current time
Information contained here are for CG Tugs made just prior to WW2 to present

Many, if not most of the former Coast Guard Tug Boats have already been dismantled and sold for scrap or scuttled to 
make artificial reefs. As important as preserving and maintaining the history of the Coast Guard and it's tugboat fleets
 of the past is trying to save the remaining vessels from this harsh reality where possible. Since the founding of the CGTA, 
we have been  instrumental in saving two CG Tugs from the torch or the deep six. The CGC Snohomish was scheduled to 
be sunk off of the coast of South Carolina and the CGC Comanche was headed for the dismantler's torch. To learn more 
about these two ships and their salvation please visit Save Snohomish and Save Comanche.