85' WYT Tugs

Pictured above - USCGC Messenger WYT-85009


Builder: Equitable Equipment, Company New Orleans - Length: 86' - Beam: 23' - Draft: 9' 6" - Displacement: 230 tons - Cost: $300,000 (Army construction cost)

Commissioned: 1944 (US Army); 5 September 1945 (USCG) - Decommissioned: 

Disposition: Machinery: 1 700 HP Enterprise diesel engine - Performance & Endurance: Max: 9.5 knots  Cruising: 

Complement: 10 - Armament: None - Electronics: Radar

The Messenger was a 230-ton former U.S. Army tug (ST-710) that was built in 1944.  She was acquired by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port at Baltimore, Maryland, on 5 September 1945.  She was transferred to the Coast Guard Yard on 26 September 1946 where she was used as a support vessel.  Her duties included drydocking, undocking and escorting cutters to and from the Yard and fire-fighting along the waterfront when needed.


Replacing the Messenger, the CGC Edenshaw YTB-752

Built for USN by Manitowoc Shipbuilding, Manitowoc, WI; Hull #386; USS Edenshaw, YTB 752; 356 Tons, 108’ long; delivered 5 Feb 1960.  

Transferred to USCG in 1994 as replacement for Messenger at Curtis Bay; kept name and renumbered as WYTB 108752 (tribute to her length & former USN number); sold commercial in 2001 (couldn’t find to “who”); as of Aug 2004, she was listed “For Sale” in Boats & Harbors, asking price was $350K and she was in FL; checked “B & H” site and she wasn’t there – disposition as of now, unknown.