Highlights of the CG Tug Association Reunion of 2004

The reunion of 2004 has gone down in history as a success. Turnout was small as would be expected with such short notice. It was important to hold our organization's first meeting to elect our governing body. We accomplished everything we had planned and had a great time getting to know each other.

We want to thank Linda Janson, the Coast Guard Club manager for helping us put this together and for the use of the club for our reunion.

In attendance were Sandy Schwaab, Ed & Sandie Anderson, George Staples, Dick & Sandra Petri, Bill Zickuhr, Bob Gasior and Doug & Sandy O'Dell.

group1.jpg (98311 bytes)                   group2.jpg (64737 bytes)

The photo above left, from  left to right is George Staples, Ed Anderson with wife Sandie.
Photo above right from left to right is Bill Zickuhr, Sandy Schwaab, Dick Petri's wife Sandra and Dick, and Bob Gasior. 

Some of the memorabilia brought by members was a framed art print of the Kaw, a set of Blueprints of the Kaw was brought by Ed Anderson, Dick Petri brought two model Coast Guard Cutters, the CGC Neah Bay and the CGC Sauk. These models were absolutely fantastic museum quality ships. Just beautiful. Dick also brought a laptop which he used for a slide show presentation of his model ship collection. We could do a documentary on Coast Guard Cutters with this. 

sauk99-1.jpg (60202 bytes)              neah105-1.jpg (81836 bytes)

Above left: CGC Sauk WYTM-99       Above right:  CGC Neah Bay WTGB-105

More photos of Dick Petri's models click here

We all had drinks, and some great conversation followed by a fine dinner prepared by the Club chef Elmer. On hand was a table full of very tasty appetizers. Kudos to Elmer for this fine dinner.

Following our dinner, the group moved over to the conference room to conduct our first business meeting and elect our first round of officers. Elected to office are;

  • President - Doug O'Dell
  • VP - George Staples
  • Secretary - Ed Anderson
  • Treasurer - Doug O'Dell
  • Historian - Sandy Schwaab

    Continuing to act as webmaster will be Doug O'Dell


Having elected our governing body, the group discussed future business and plans that the CG Tug Association would like to begin activities with. This is and will continue to be an on going work to bring focus to the mission goals of our organization, and to begin implementing those plans. Our course has been plotted.

Our association treasury was started with voluntary donations by our membership. We will be depending on this method of generating operating funds in order to allow membership in the CG Tug Association to remain free.

Our meeting was adjourned and the group remained at the club to share the old "sea Stories", reminisce and have another round, until late in the evening.

Saturday morning most of the group met again at the Coast Guard Moorings for a scheduled tour of the CGC Neah Bay. We want to thank Lt. Bernard Sandy, Commanding Officer of the Neah Bay for inviting us aboard for this and a special thanks to MK1 Ron Lowry for the very informative three hour tour. What a difference there is between the old WYTM boats and the WTGBs. The advances in technology are truly amazing.

tour-1.jpg (83033 bytes)        tour-3.jpg (84389 bytes)

Left to right, Our tour guide MK1 Ron Lowry, Sandy Schwaab George Staples Ed and Sandie Anderson. Photo to the right is the table on the mess deck. Very nicely inlayed pictured of the Neah Bay in wooden table.

More tour photos click here

After our tour we met at an Irish pub and restaurant for lunch and a couple mugs of Guinness.

We then met up at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. All present had never been there and we decided to make a day of it. With feet beginning to ache, we thoroughly enjoyed the Rock Hall. But Alas, all good things must come to an end. So we bid our farewells and turned in for the night. Doug Hove to in the ice for the evening and rumor has it Sandy Schwaab and George Staple went out for another night on the town. They must have gone back up to the Harp for an ale. 

Well who says you need a large crowd to have a good time? We had a fantastic time with just a dozen. But then again, Coasties have always known how to have a good time. And we certainly did. Our thanks to all who attended and made our reunion and meeting such a success.

Next year should be even better and we'll be announcing plans for that soon.