The USCGC Neah Bay WTGB-105

One of the most high tech icebreakers on the Great Lakes.

From our perspective, having served on the WYTMs back in the 60s and 70s, technology has come a very long way. We were all duly impressed.

We look forward to being able to go aboard during an icebreaking mission to see how these ships break ice.

More photos from 2004 reunion
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neah105-2.jpg (69562 bytes)
Port side view of Neah Bay Model


neah105-3.jpg (82472 bytes)
Another Port side view
sauk99-3.jpg (92802 bytes)
Starboard view of Sauk Model

sauk99-2.jpg (98837 bytes)
Another Starboard View
tour-2.jpg (66160 bytes)
George Staples at the helm

tour-4.jpg (99614 bytes)
Sandy Schwaab and Ed Anderson 
look over ship controls
en-2.jpg (122027 bytes)
Main Engineering Control Panel


en-1.jpg (76745 bytes)
Main Propulsion Motor 2500 HP
en-3.jpg (106119 bytes)
AC Generator


en-4.jpg (112466 bytes)
George Staples, Ed Anderson and Sandy Schwaab, standing alongside main engine