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Great Lakes Naval Memorial & Museum

Great Lakes Naval Memorial & Museum
Great Lakes Naval Memorial & Museum


Displacement: 348 tons

Length: 110'

Beam: 26'5"

Draft: 11'6"

Speed: 12 knots

Armament: 2 20mm

Complement: 2 warrants, 14 enlisted

Diesel engines, single screw, 1,000 hp


Stationed at New York, NY from 1944 to 1965 and then Gloucester City NJ from 1965 to 1968 thence back to NY NY until her decommissioning. She was used for ice breaking, law enforcement, and search and rescue.

In the January 1963, Sauk grounded on a rock in the Hudson River, took on water and sank. She was raised, repaired and placed back in service. 12 January 1968 she assisted in fighting a fire aboard British MV Manchester Miller in New York Harbor. 9 February 1970 she played a major role in refloating tanker Desert Princess aground in Hell's Gate. May and June 1979 hauled garbage during NYC strike. March 1980 assisted fighting fir on pier at Weehawken NJ. June 1980 fought fire on tug Hudson R #4 on the Hudson River. Decommissioned 30 April 1985




Hull Number


Keel Laid





Ira S. Bushey & Sons
Brooklyn, N.Y.

26 Jan 43

10 Sept 43

25 May 44

Decomm 30 Apr 1985

USCGC Sauk Commanding Officers

1944-47        J.O. Mortensen, LTJG, USCGR.- Commissioning CO.
1947-49        E.V. Wyatt, CWO, USCG.   (Retired as LCDR 1/12/49)
1949 -1950   M. J. Hacker, CWO, USCG.
1950-1952    V. Koll, CWO, USCG.  (Retired as CAPT. 1/9/75)
1952-1956    W.P. Burton, CWO, USCG.
1956-1958     F.E. Thrall, CWO, USCG.   (Retired as CAPT. 1/5/83)
1958-1961     ????
1961- 1962    B.L. Swearingen, CWO. USCG
1962-1963     H.R. Tarr, CWO, USCG.   (Retired as LT.  12/22/78)
1963-1967     J.L. Hair, CWO, USCG.    (Retired as CDR. 4/15/82)
1967-1970     F. J. Rollinson, CWO, USCG.  (Retired as LT. 1/9/75)
1970-1972     L.G. Duke, CWO, USCG.
1972-1976     E.P. Bishop, CWO, USCG.
1976-1979     G.M. Batey, CWO, USCG.
1979-1982     F.P. Donaldson, CWO, USCG.
1982-1985     W.R. Jones, CWO, USCG.- Decommissioning CO. 
           (Used  the original commissioning pennant in the decom ceremony)

Thanks to William Jones for this information