Tugs of the U.S. Revenue Service
Due to the fact that these tugs were so few in numbers, we have not arranged them according to class or 
size or date of commissioning.


WARC58Pequot3Nov27.jpg (702020 bytes)
USRC Pequot 1927


WAT54ShawneeCirca1920.jpg (663112 bytes)
USRC Shawnee 1920
WAT55Carrabassett23Jul1943AtNorfolk.jpg (497890 bytes)
USRC Carabassett 1943
WYT-Calumet10Jan32.jpg (1187130 bytes)
USRC Calumet 1932
lepard copy.jpg (535074 bytes)
USRC Leopard 1935


manhattan copy.jpg (571337 bytes)
USRC Manhattan 1935
raritan copy.jpg (879844 bytes)
USRC Raritan 1935
WAT-Arcadia1915NearNeahBayWA.jpg (805958 bytes)
USRC Arcadia 1915

USRC Chattahoochee 1920


Hudson1893.jpg (129937 bytes)
USRC Hudson 1898
WYT74Tioga19Apr1937AtNYCbyBillDavis.jpg (381583 bytes)
USRC Tioga 1937

USRC Chautauqua 1919

USRC Chenango 1919


USRC Chicopee 1919

USRC Chilocothe 1920

USRC Acushnet 1908

USRC Snohomish 1908


USRC Alert 1907

USRC Arcata 1903

USRC Davey 1908

USRC Golden Gate 1898


USRC Guard 1913

USRC Guide 1907

USRC Guthrie 1895

USRC Hartley 1875


mac-2.jpg (107514 bytes)
USRC Mackinac 1903

USRC Penrose 1883

USRC Scout 1896

USRC Tybee 1895

USRC Winnisimmet 1903

USRC Wissahichon 1904

*  The CGC Alex Haley Commissioned in 1971 as the Navy Salvage tug, USS EDENTON (ATS-1), the 282-foot Alex Haley was transferred to the Coast Guard in November 1997, for conversion into a medium endurance cutter (WMEC-210' CLASS). The Coast Guard Yard completed an 18-month, $20 million overhaul of the 282-foot USS Edenton. The conversion included removal of diving and salvage equipment, upgrading navigation, command, and control systems, improving habitability, and installing a flight deck. The obvious visual differences resulting from the conversion included removal of the forward crane, as well as the aft crane with supporting superstructure and mast. The flight deck extended the "O1 level" nearly back to the stern.

The CGTA wishes to thank member Jim Flynn for providing these photos