The Coast Guard Tug Association


  The Coast Guard Tug Association was founded in 2003 by Doug O'Dell, and is a 501 C3 Non-Profit organization formed to create and sustain the history and heritage of all former and current Coast Guard Tug vessels of any length, and the men and women who served in them, by establishing and maintaining a data base and archive of historical information regarding those ships; collecting, cataloguing, and displaying appropriate artifacts (including vessels) at designated locations to maintain a physical, visual record of said vessels available to members and the general public; continuing the camaraderie and esprit de corps of former Coast Guard Tug sailors and personnel; and conducting association gatherings and fund raising initiatives.  

Please keep coming back, as we continue to build a collection of photographs, stories and anecdotes. Any contributions, would be greatly appreciated, and if you served aboard any of the Coast Guard tugs and would like to contribute any photographs, stories or memorabilia, please contact us.





Organization Officers



President - Sandy Schwaab (Ojibwa)
VP - 
Justin Vandenheuvel (Line)
Secretary - Vacant
Treasurer -
 Bob Gesking (Apalachee)
Historian - Vacant
Membership Chairman - Sandy Schwaab

President Emeritus and founder: Doug O'Dell  (Kaw)
VP Emeritus: George Staples (Snohomish)
Secretary Emeritus: Ed Anderson

                                       Gary Domnisse
Historian Emeritus:
Sandy Schwaab
Webmaster -
Doug O'Dell 
Assistant Webmaster
- Tim O'Dell

Social Media Chairperson, Cameron Croteau (Penobscot Bay)