Those who have gone before us








BMC John Sheuman (Kaw)

LCDR Jack A Eckert 

Donald O. Davey (Snohomish)

BMC Robert Y. Thibault (Tuckahoe)

CWO Louis J. Weber (Ojibwa)

QM1 Leonard Mitchell (Kaw)

CWO4 Larry J. Phetterplace (Chinook)

Thomas E. Reinhart (Chilula)

Chuck Golsner (Sauk)

ENC Ed Jenkins (Ojibwa)

Andy D. Mapes (Apalachee)

BMCM Leslie Parritt (Snohomish)

BMCM Ray O'Neil (Swivel)

CWO4 Philp J. Crawley (Sauk, Tuckahoe)

EN1 Nicholas Rorro, (Sauk, Manitou, Mahoning, Tuckahoe

Sandra O'Dell (Wife of Douglas O'Dell)

LT.  Pete Kolasa, (Ojibwa)

LCDR Brent Michaels (Kaw, Ojibwa)

Felix Chambers (Snohomish, Swivel)


CWO4 Kenneth Black (Ojibwa)

CWO Francis LeSage (Ojibwa)

ENC Robert W. Jersak (Ojibwa)

EN1 John J. Garzarelli (Snohomish)

VADM William Rea III (Tamaroa)

ENCM Thomas Muchow (Ojibwa, Kaw)

Normand Ouellette (Yankton)

EN3 Shelby Cobb (Skip) Tyler (Ojibwa)

Marilyn Frische, (Wife of EN2 Ken Frische)

EN2 Ken Frische (Arundel)

MKC Chris White (Wyaconda)

MK1 Merle Lamphier (Snohomish)

CSC Harry Fish (Snohomish)

DCC John Ondis (Apalachee)

Catherine Cunningham (Wife of CWO4 Dave Cunningham)
CWO4 Earl Leyda (Arundel, Ojibwa)
Don J Simms (Modoc, Yocona, Acushnet)

LCDR Molly Waters (Hollyhock, Neah Bay)



CDR Molly Waters
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Then LTs, now LCDR Justin Vandenheuval (CGTA VP) and the late CDR Waters
(then CO of Neah Bay) at the CGTA reunion in Erie, PA in 2012.


Sandy Schwaab
May 18 at 1:46 PM

It is with great sadness that we have lost yet another CGTA member and, to some of us, a great friend; TOO Soon! CDR Molly Waters crossed the bar on Friday from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. I won't restate the obvious, but she will be sorly missed by us and the Coast Guard with a great career still ahead. We wish her "fair winds and following seas." Also thanks to Cam & Bob for their posts.

Sandy Schwaab, Pres. CGTA



Cam Croteau shared a post.
Admin May 17 at 1:11 PM

It was an honor to have worked with Mrs Waters in the past. Fair winds and following seas shipmate.




Robert Gesking

Thanks for sharing that Cam. CGTA President CWO Sandy Schwaab and I had the pleasure of attending her Change of Ceremony when she assumed command of USCGC NEAH BAY (WTGB 105) in Cleveland. About a year later, the CGTA Reunion was held in Erie, PA, and the NEAH BAY was in Erie to host part of our reunion. IIRC, November 2017, LCDR Waters was the speaker at the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Commodore Perry Division (Toledo, OH) dinner dance. CWO Schwaab an I attended that event with our wives, and had an enjoyable evening. LCDR Waters was n inspiration to the female members of the Sea Cadet unit. Here's a Picture of Sandy, Molly, and me.


Bob Pic


"Fair Winds and Following Seas"

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