Those who have gone before us








BMC John Sheuman (Kaw)

LCDR Jack A Eckert 

Donald O. Davey (Snohomish)

BMC Robert Y. Thibault (Tuckahoe)

CWO Louis J. Weber (Ojibwa)

QM1 Leonard Mitchell (Kaw)

CWO4 Larry J. Phetterplace (Chinook)

Thomas E. Reinhart (Chilula)

Chuck Golsner (Sauk)

ENC Ed Jenkins (Ojibwa)

Andy D. Mapes (Apalachee)

BMCM Leslie Parritt (Snohomish)

BMCM Ray O'Neil (Swivel)

CWO4 Philp J. Crawley (Sauk, Tuckahoe)

EN1 Nicholas Rorro, (Sauk, Manitou, Mahoning, Tuckahoe

Sandra O'Dell (Wife of Douglas O'Dell)

LT.  Pete Kolasa, (Ojibwa)

LCDR Brent Michaels (Kaw, Ojibwa)

Felix Chambers (Snohomish, Swivel)

Richard Hanson (Comanche)

Michael Stearns (Cherokee)

BMC George Staples  (Snohomish, Tackle }



CWO4 Kenneth Black (Ojibwa)

CWO Francis LeSage (Ojibwa)

ENC Robert W. Jersak (Ojibwa)

EN1 John J. Garzarelli (Snohomish)

VADM William Rea III (Tamaroa)

ENCM Thomas Muchow (Ojibwa, Kaw)

Normand Ouellette (Yankton)

EN3 Shelby Cobb (Skip) Tyler (Ojibwa)

Marilyn Frische, (Wife of EN2 Ken Frische)

EN2 Ken Frische (Arundel)

MKC Chris White (Wyaconda)

MK1 Merle Lamphier (Snohomish)

CSC Harry Fish (Snohomish)

DCC John Ondis (Apalachee)

Catherine Cunningham (Wife of CWO4 Dave Cunningham)

CWO4 Earl Leyda (Arundel, Ojibwa)

Don J Simms (Modoc, Yocona, Acushnet)

LCDR Molly Waters (Hollyhock, Neah Bay)

CS1 Richard Petri (Sauk)

Diane Flynn (Wife of HMC Jim Flynn)

MKC John Hicks (Raritan, Ojibwa)

Merrion Caroon (Sledge)





"Fair Winds and Following Seas"



If you know of a member (or spouse) that should be on this list, please contact the CGTA President with your information. Please include full name, rank/rate, retired?, tug(s) served in, and date of passing. This list is based on reports from our members and official USCG publications. Any errors will be corrected.