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APALACHEE Work detail, April 27th to May 1st, 2009


Many Kudos to Sandy Schwaab, George Staples, Gary Domnisse, Vinny Fratritta, Ed Anderson, Doug O'Dell, Jim Flynn, Wally Randolph, and Tim O'Dell, for their exhausting efforts aboard Apalachee getting her ready to sail.

Below are a few photos and videos of the ship and some of the work being conducted. We accomplished a LOT.


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First things first


!cid_X_MA8_1241445726@aol.jpg (34141 bytes)
Ed and George discuss deck tasks


!cid_X_MA21_1241445726@aol.jpg (42418 bytes)
Lunch on the mess deck


!cid_X_MA9_1241445726@aol.jpg (31746 bytes)
Sandy & Ed on mess deck


!cid_X_MA12_1241445726@aol.jpg (23529 bytes)
Doug with rigid impact snake, cleaning stack drain


!cid_X_MA16_1241445726@aol.jpg (41265 bytes)
Master of fixing stuck dogging mechanisms


!cid_X_MA25_1241445726@aol.jpg (36410 bytes)
Jim Flynn made the galley shine


!cid_X_MA10_1241445726@aol.jpg (54689 bytes)
Forward hold about half way through cleanup


The Apalachee probably had 20 years accumulation of miscellaneous junk strewn everywhere. In one mere week a crew of nine was able to remove it all and clean all spaces and make her presentable. She does still need fresh paint.

On board bridge and navigation equipment includes one working VHF radio, one working radar, one Loran-C unit, and one place where the compass used to be. Don't know where that disappeared to because it was there back in January. 

Donated equipment include one Eagle DSC Marine VHF radio, two handheld marine VHF radios, and four GMRS/FRS UHF handheld radios. We have the use of two GPS navigation systems. Thanks to CGTA members for the loans and the donations.

We do need a magnetic compass (steel boat type). If anyone should care to provide one the CGTA would be most appreciative. Donations are tax deductible.

In the week we were there a great deal of the scheduled work was completed. However there is still a lot to do. We were able to have our bilges pumped out to the tune of around 3,000 gallons. Gray water tanks will need to be cleared also. 

Restoring fresh water service is a work in progress. We pressurized the system twice only to discover pipe leaks. With some expert DC work we were able to secure them. We should be able to stop chasing leaks on our next trip to Apalachee and get'er done. 

Thursday we fired up the port SS generator. She purred like kitten. The same with the port main engine. Both ran smooth, no knocks and the exhaust ran clean. Success! Due to time constraints we had to postpone test firing the starboard engines.

Steering and rudder tests were conducted without a hitch as well as spinning the screw. Dockside trials were a success.

Other tasks that were done are, clear boat deck of towing hawser & tripping hazards, rig aft & main halyards,  inventory lazarette & Bos’n stores,  fill port water tank, clean S/S generator filters & mount,  sound all tanks (fuel, oil, H2O),  and test and service reefers.

Want List

Magnetic Compass (steel boat) - 15 type I PDF life jackets w/whistles and lights - 6 type III/V work vests - 15 to 25 man Inflatable Life Raft (new or recently tested & certified) - Four large ship fenders - 4 – 30”, Int. Orange Ring Life Buoys, 2 RLB water lights - 12 hand-held red parachute flares (or 12, 12-guage Olin red flares).

If anyone would wish to donate any of these items remember they are 100% tax deductible.


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All in all we had a very productive week. The CGTA would like to thank Sandy Schwaab, George Staples, Gary Domnessi, Jim Flynn, Ed Anderson, Vinny Frittitta, Doug O'Dell, Tim O'Dell and Walt Randolph, for their exhaustive efforts in cleaning up the Apalachee and servicing and testing her engineering systems.


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Tied up at Cleveland Shiprepair

Apalachee - at Cleveland Ship repair,

Cuyahoga River

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Tied up at Cleveland Shiprepair
Photo0021.jpg (1123435 bytes)


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Photo0018.jpg (849124 bytes)


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Photo0017.jpg (1004921 bytes)


Photo0010.jpg (932530 bytes) Photo0009.jpg (979760 bytes) Photo0011.jpg (933863 bytes)

Some great photos taken by Apalachee CO Dave Cunningham's wife Cathy as she transited the Welland Canal

More Apalachee Photos by Cathy Cunningham

     Ship+Photo+APALACHEE2.JPG (946419 bytes)   Ship+Photo+APALACHEE4.JPG (2293308 bytes)   Ship+Photo+APALACHEE5.JPG (1257585 bytes)
Above photos by renowned marine photographer Paul Beesley of 

     Jeff Thoreson1.JPG (1454764 bytes)   Jeff Thoreson6.JPG (2384140 bytes)   Jeff Thoreson2.JPG (1545496 bytes)

     Jeff Thoreson3.JPG (1635541 bytes)   Jeff Thoreson4.JPG (2396496 bytes)   Jeff Thoreson5.JPG (1579907 bytes)
Above photos by Jeff Thoreson


USCG Cutter Apalachee enters Cleveland harbor accompanied by the Coast Guard Auxiliary
The Apalachee approaches the Coast Guard pier – the Neah Bay and Goodtime III are visible in the background
The Apalachee ties up at the Coast Guard moorings at the foot of East Ninth Street
The Apalachee was moved to Port Authority Dock 28, just west of Cleveland Browns Stadium, on Monday, June 1st

Above Photographs Copyright © 2009 John D. Hays and Denise A. Hunyadi
Copyright © 2005-2009 Great Lakes Titanic Society. All rights reserved.


April Work Party 2010 - Photos by Chris O'Dell
Sandy Schwaab, Bob Gesking, Doug O'Dell, Ken Frische, Tim O'Dell, Chris O'Dell


P3310025 (Large).JPG (154733 bytes)
Sandy Schwaab


P4020056 (Large).JPG (178658 bytes)
Ken Frische


P4010032 (Large).JPG (162463 bytes)
Old Battery


P4010033 (Large).JPG (170339 bytes)
Old Battery


P4020054 (Large).JPG (167032 bytes)
View from the Apalachee - Cleveland at night


P4020048 (Large).JPG (176348 bytes)
Tim, Sandy and Ken in the RV


P4010039 (Large).JPG (186229 bytes)
Views from the Apalachee


P4010036 (Large).JPG (275850 bytes)
Great Lakes Tugboat



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